Learning Management System

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BitBang LMS - Empowering your coding journey like never before! Access our comprehensive learning management system to master web development, app development, data science, and data analysis. With interactive courses, expert instructors, and convenient mobile learning, BitBang LMS is your key to coding success. Start coding with confidence and creativity today!




Live Classes

Participate in live online classes led by instructors, fostering real-time interaction, Q&A sessions, and group discussions. Stay connected and immerse yourself in the dynamic learning environment.


Recorded Sessions

Missed a live class? No worries! Access recorded sessions at your convenience and revisit previous lessons to reinforce your learning or catch up with anything you might have missed.


Study Material Online

Get easy access to a rich repository of study materials, including lecture notes, presentation slides, and reference materials, to supplement your learning and deepen your understanding.


24x7 Chat Support

Get instant assistance with any queries or technical issues. Our round-the-clock chat support ensures that you receive timely help whenever you need it.


Online Tests

Evaluate your progress and knowledge with interactive online tests and quizzes. Assess your understanding of key concepts and track your performance.


Online Certification

Showcase your expertise with our online certifications upon course completion. Get industry-recognized credentials to boost your career prospects and stand out in the job market.


Interactive Forums

Join our vibrant community of learners and instructors. Collaborate, share ideas, and seek guidance from peers and experts to enhance your coding expertise.